Normal wear and tear resulted in sloppy movement of the ram and dummy block in way of the bore in the container. The normal repair procedures would include:

  • Stopping the entire production.
  • Dismantle all wiring, piping and other components.
  • Send damaged casting to an off site facility for machining.
  • Transport repaired casting back to production floor.
  • Reassemble all wiring, piping and other components.
  • Realignment of all machineries.
  • Realignment of all machineries.
  • Test run to detect improper assemblies

Our client inform us that by using the above conventional method the extrusion press will be out of service for at least 7 days. And the repair work would involve skilled tradesman of many many different disciplines utilizing complicated rigging and transport.


With our on site machining techniques, dismantling was minimal. All machining tools were brought to site and clamped directly on to the work piece. The rigidity of the machining system was a function of the heavy work piece itself. Time required for set up, machining, dismantling of tools and clean up was 24 hours . The stock removed by machining was 0.20inch. The saving of 6 days of production was a tremendous benefit to our customer.

Our on site machining services offer a very cost efficient method to carry out machining on castings and components that are too big (and therefore costly) to move. The solutions to your problems may be by way of turning, facing, milling, drilling and or boring – ALL CARRIED OUT ON SITE . We work on 24/7 basis at your site during scheduled shutdowns or on emergency breakdowns.