On Site Machining

No more long delays, staggering costs and time lost in extensive dismantling, off site repairs and final assembly...

An on site machining repair depends on a team of skilled technicians and the correct tooling. Our technicians are highly competent and motivated field machinists.

We have a large portable machining/grinding tools inventory to carry out our work. If we do not have the correct tooling on hand we will fabricate to your specifications or source it from our specialized suppliers.


Reface leaking flanges, machine grooves, dome end gasket faces, manways, sealing contacts or for welding preparations up to a diameter of 120 inches (3.05 meters). Tooling can be mounted on the inside or on the outside diameters to machine things such as diesel engine liners, piping, exchangers, drums and crane swivel base. If required, we can mount a grinding head for a ground finish. Other applications include machining of pivot bearings support flanges on excavators and other heavy construction equipment, main steam pipe flanges connected to steam turbines in power plants, paper and pulp mills. Marine applications include machining of liners, liner landings, and engine frames.


Milling of level surfaces on pumps, motors, engines, compressors, etc. where the original material has rusted off or out of alignment. We can repair old and worn key ways. New slots can be machined out on both flat surfaces or shaftings and journals. Marine applications include milling of bed plates and butt surfaces.


Boring of bearing surfaces on heavy equipment, (backhoe buckets, loaders). Marine applications include line boring of main journal pockets.


Tooling is mounted on to the end of the shaft and work is carried out with the shaft stationary. The largest diameter that can be machined is 25 inches (635mm). If the work area cannot be assess from the shaft end, then our turning/grinding tools will be mounted directly on to the shaft. Can be use for repairs of all support journals of motors, rollers, engines, compressors, slip rings, thrust face and seal faces. Marine applications include winches and all kinds of support journals.


On site honing of all liners in compressors and in diesel engines. Marine applications include honing of all medium and low speed liners.

All the above machining procedures can be adapted to any angle. Our tools are directly clamped to the work piece. Work can even be carried out upside down.

We can always arrange on site inspections to determine the best and most cost effective solutions to your machining problems. There are no charges for our time but we will bill for traveling and hotel expenses.