Our Customer Service Guarrantees

These guarantees are the essence of our In Situ Crankshaft Grinding services. The same concept is evident with our On Site Machining service.

JOB PREPARATION – planning ahead

At ABC, we keep computerized records and data of all engine makes and models. We have information on the dimensions of the crankshaft, their designed hardness, the amount of stock removal permitted by the engine maker, and also the sizes of standard undersized bearings.

This information allows us to ensure all the necessary tools are available once we commence repairs on your engine, such that no time is lost waiting for replacement tools. Our tools are pre-packed and we can mobilize immediately, sometimes even on the same day that you call.

JOB EXECUTION – above and beyond

Our technicians are highly skilled and motivated. We are cross trained in many disciplines. In addition to grinding and honing of crankshafts, we are able to carry out :

  • Crack detection and hardness testing / profiling. (All our teams are equipped with Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit as well as electronic hardness tester)
  • Calibration of other crankpins, main journals and connecting rods to ensure everything is in order.
  • On Site straightening of a bent crankshaft by peening and hydraulic jacking.
  • Inspection and calibration of other components such as connecting rods and main bearing housings to ensure damaged parts are repaired or renewed.
  • Engine test run at the completion of repairs.
  • At site, our technicians come under the command of your representative or Chief Engineer.

    We are good team players and are flexible in our approach so that the repair and schedule progresses smoothly. You can depend on us to help put your engine back in operation.

    TOLERANCE GUARANTEES – precision finish

  • All sizes, taper, ovality are guaranteed to be within ±0.015mm.
  • Maximum out of true for main journal are guaranteed to be within ±0.015mm.
  • Surface finish is guaranteed to be within 6 micro-inch or less.
  • COMMERCIAL GUARANTEES – cost effective repairs

  • We are the price leader for ‘In Situ’ crankshaft repairs. In the event that you can provide a lower quotation from our competitors, prior to engagement, we will beat their price by 10 percent.
  • Our quotation is easy to understand and there is no fine print or hidden charges. We are open to negotiation, if somehow (though very unlikely) you feel that we should review our charges.
  • We keep our expenses as low as possible and source for the lowest prices for air freight (of our equipment) and air-line tickets.
  • At site, our technicians will be happy to stay on the vessel to save on hotel and traveling charges.

  • Our work is always up to engine maker's specification and we welcome you to have the repairs verified by classification society.
  • If new bearings and connecting rods are used, we will guarantee our work for 500 hours.
  • This may not seem to be a long time, however we know for sure that any repair that is not up to specifications would not even last one hour.

    We strive to exceed your expectations and gain your repeat support.