Crankshaft Grinding

ABC technicians have 3 decades of experience (our head office in Singapore started in 1976) of hands on grinding repairs on engines such as Pielstick, Wartsila, MAN, Mak, Mirrlees, B&W, GMT, Sulzer – the list goes on.

A full repair is carried out and nothing is overlooked. Our technicians carry out checks for surface and sub-surface heat cracks using Magnetic Particle Inspection methods.

Hardness checks are obtained by portable hand held electronic hardness testers. Connecting rods are calibrated for geometrical sizes and tested for hardness and cracks. The crankshaft is inspected for concentricity and parallelism. Our specialty is the cold straightening of a bent crankshaft and returning it the Engine Makers’ Specifications. Our repairs are authorized and approved by all Classification Societies.

  • Crankpins from 120mm to 850mm diameters
  • Main journals from 150mm to 1050mm diameters
  • Thrust journals and collars
  • Intermediate and tail shaft journals
  • Anchor and reel winch journals
  • Rudder stocks
  • Steering trunnion pins
  • Generator shafts and all machineries support journals
  • Generator slip ring devices